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We produce metal- and nonmetal Parts for our customers in Eastern and Western Europe.

This is how we proceed

Since our customers are looking for a production site where they want to produce or purchase high quality products, but DON’T want to send their original drawings out into the world to someone they don’t trust and don’t know what to do with these drawings, parts or even equipment and machines, they give us the task to perform this highly sensitive service for them ANONYMOUSLY.

Note: We work exclusively with certified manufacturers.

Steps before production

  • The customer sends us the original drawing of a part
  • Automatico Transilvania SRL removes all customer-specific data and labels
  • Only the data that is technically relevant for production remains stored on the drawing. On request with Automatico Transilvania SRL as company address
  • Automatico Transilvania SRL analyses the requirements and sends the drawings to its production partners for pricing.
  • After a short time, Automatico Transilvania can present the customer with a price for his part.
  • On request, the customer receives 2-3 samples for examination.
  • If the price, quality and delivery time agree with the customer, then the parts go into production.
  • Of course Automatico Transilvania is prepared to conclude a confidentiality agreement with the customer. Automatico Transilvania does the same with its production partners.
  • Assembly work of certain parts to a “MODULE” of a machine, up to the production of the whole machines and devices, are taken over by Automatico Transilvania SRL on request.

This means that the parts produced can be delivered to the customer as a “WHOLE”. Of course, assembly does not take place at the suppliers’ premises, but in Automatico Transilvania’s own halls, where the anonymity of the parts, machines and devices is also guaranteed.

Working steps after production

  • After the parts have been produced and passed several quality controls, they are delivered directly to the customer on time.
  • Automatico Transilvania takes care of the payment of the parts to the production partners.
  • The payment of the delivered parts to the end customer is handled between the customer and Automatico Transilvania.
  • Automatico accepts full liability of any kind with regard to the parts supplied to the customer.

This way of working makes it 100% impossible to allocate the produced parts in the market. The customer only knows Automatico Transilvania SRL to whom he orders the production of the parts, the supplier also only knows Automatico Transilvania SRL from whom he receives the drawings and for whom he produces the parts.

This completely rules out the possibility of matching parts or even reproducing the customer’s equipment or machines. And that’s what our customers really appreciate about us, and they don’t run the risk of putting their original drawings in someone else’s hands.